Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion - Folklorama

In March of 2011, with only a few short months to spare, The Zoloto Ukrainian Dance Ensemble & Company became the sponsoring organization behind the Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion for Winnipeg's Folklorama Festival.

Being awarded a Folklorama Pavilion in which to showcase the talents of our dancers as well as other performers in the global Ukrainian community is a dream several years in the making. We are incredibly proud to have been bestowed this honour as it is by far our biggest achievement to date.

Roughly 300 volunteers lend a hand to make sure each of our over 10,000 guests are treated as if they've passed into Baba's Kitchen. To each and every single one of them we are eternally greatful! It is a lot of physical labour and tireless work, but we have a blast doing it!

Zoloto and the Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion are always looking for volunteers and talented performers to take part in the festivities. If you or someone you know are interested in participating in this unique and rewarding event, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Visit the Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion Website at spiritofukraine.ca for more information!

Check out our Videos!

2012 Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion coverage - Shaw TV
2013 Spirit of Ukraine Pavilion coverage - Shaw TV

What IS Folklorama?

Folklorama is the single largest and longest-running Cultural Festival in the World. The Festival began in 1970 as a one time multicultural event to celebrate Manitoba's Centennial. It was so successful it has returned every year since.

In 1970, the Folklorama festival was only 7 days long with 21 pavilions participating. Since then, the festival has grown to two full weeks with 20-plus pavilions open in week 1 and a second set of 20 pavilions running in week 2. Today, the festival typically draws over 400,000 pavilion visits, plus 15,000 visitors to Folklorama Kick-off held the week before pavilions open.

That's right! Each year approximately 46 different cultural groups in the city of Winnipeg open a pavilion in a different venue across the city in order to participate in this unique cultural event.